Every January we cast the new year as an opportunity for redefinition and new beginnings.

We resolve to make outsized changes to our lives — only to chalk them up as failures a few weeks later.

The first problem is the scope of our resolutions. They tend to be so big we are destined to fail.

In 2016, we will do things differently.

First, our goal will not be a new, lithe body; it won’t be a whole new vocation or commitment to working out five times a week.In 2016, our aim will be simple — a new back.

Specifically, incremental changes across 12 weeks that will begin to do three things:

  • Get at the source of nagging back pain
  • Provide tiny tweaks to help relieve that pain
  • Improve overall health in the process

We will do this using simple steps and small changes; things to add, one at a time, over 12 weeks.

The idea is that, together, these tweaks will tip the balance toward a pain-free life.

We decided on 12 weeks because it represents about the amount of time it takes, based on studies, to form new habits.

Of course, those studies are focused on taking one behavior and changing it across several weeks or months.

Our plan will be slightly different. Yes, the singular focus across 12 weeks will be a healthier back relieved of pain, but our tactics will vary across those weeks.

The first few weeks of the plan will be about cutting out bad habits that are contributing to back pain.

The next few will be spent making small changes to lower inflammation, a common process underlying back pain.

And the last few will involve novel stretches and exercises that can be peppered in throughout the day to relieve pain.

We will not cure our back pain in 12 weeks. But we will be on a path that will involve far less suffering than we are going through today.

Take stock of your back problems using your current level of back pain as your baseline.

Now make a resolution: “This new year, I resolve to have a new back.”

New year. New back. New path toward feeling pain-free. Tune in next week for the first of 12 steps.

Back pain too serious for a few resolutions to solve? Contact us online or give us a call at 323-319-2897 and we will be happy to help.