It’s amazing how much pain and discomfort can radiate out from the neck.

It nags. It pulses. It just plain hurts.

If you’re feeling pain right now you’re not alone: More than one-quarter of Americans suffer with chronic neck pain.

You can blame a lot of those problems on what you’re probably doing right now:

  • Sitting for far too long
  • Craning your neck to look up or down at your computer screen (or some other device)
  • Slumping down in your chair

If you’re looking for ways to counteract those bad habits, start by adding these 5 quick stretches to your daily office routine:

Stretch #1

Take your left arm and let it rest on the side of your body. Take a deep breath in while stretching your right arm up and over your head.

Place your right hand on the left side of your head — so that your fingers rest near the top of your ear — and pull your head gently to the right.

Go slowly: Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and breathe in and out deeply as you tilt your head to the right.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

With deep breathing you should feel tightness on the side of your neck relax a bit.

Feel free to subtly adjust the angle of this side stretch each time you do it to activate different neck muscles.

And for a slightly deeper stretch, instead of resting your free arm on the side of your body, reach behind you toward the opposite hip.

Stretch #2

Repeat the previous stretch on the opposite side of your neck for 30 seconds.

Stretch #3

Take your left arm and rest it on the side of your body.

Take another deep breath in while lifting your right arm above your head — this time resting it toward the back, left side of your head, just below the crown.

Gently pull your head forward, while angling it toward your right pectoral muscle. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed.

Hold this stretch for approximately 30 seconds.

This stretch should not only relax the muscles in the back of the neck; you may also feel the stretch extend down into the middle and low back.

Stretch #4

Repeat the previous stretch on the opposite side for about 30 seconds.

Stretch #5

Relax your shoulders and rest your arms at the sides of your body. Breathe in and out deeply as you roll your neck around in wide circles — counter clockwise.

Do these neck rolls for 30 seconds, then repeat them clockwise for another 30 seconds.


Feel better?

You can do neck stretches while seated at your desk — with your feet hip width distance apart and flat on the ground — or while standing.

We suggest the latter since sitting for too long at the office is likely contributing to your neck pain.

Do these stretches as often as you need to relieve your pain — but twice a day should help.

If you have neck aches that stretching can’t solve — or symptoms like numbness or tingling — call us!

Reach out online or give us a call at 323-319-2897 and we’ll be happy to help.