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  • 8-Step Yoga Sequence to Relieve Low Back Pain


    Studies show that just one yoga class per week is effective for reducing low back pain. And regularly practicing yoga can make you more limber, relieve stress and potentially eliminate the need for pain medication. But carving out time for even a single hour-long class during the week can be challenging. This 8-step sequence — […]

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  • Backpack Pain Prevention for Kids


    When your children leave the house what’s in their backpacks? Chances are it includes electronics, toys, maybe some food — and a ton of books. The bag is likely so overloaded you cringe as they sling the pack over one shoulder and lug that heavy load out the door. We tend to think about back […]

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  • Is Surgery Necessary To Treat Cervical Stenosis?


    Many people are confused about whether their neck pain requires surgery. Our philosophy is that most of the time surgery can be avoided, but before we rule it out we need to get to the root of what’s causing the pain. Pain radiating out of the neck may be caused by a condition called cervical […]

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  • Is an Epidural an Effective Treatment for Back Pain?


    Is an Epidural an Effective Treatment for Back Pain? Back pain has the power to negatively impact every moment of your day due to pain and discomfort. For those who experience back pain, they know that relieving the pain effectively is critical to quality of life. There are several treatment options available, including medication and […]

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  • Need Degenerative Disc Disease Surgery? Consider this.


    Degenerative disc disease refers to any condition where the spinal discs are degenerating or degrading, often causing back pain. Surgery for degenerative disc disease is generally reserved for severe cases. If you are a skeletally mature patient with degenerative disc disease at one level from L3 to S1 that has failed at least six months […]

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  • 10 Back Pain Facts Everyone Should Know


    Dealing with back pain or a spinal disorder is one of the most common health conditions, and the numbers can prove it. If you’re experiencing back pain, do not be discouraged. You are not alone and there are many ways you can receive help. If there’s one thing that can be agreed on, it’s that […]

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  • Treatment for Adult Onset Scoliosis


    You may think of scoliosis as a childhood disorder, since so many cases are diagnosed during that period. But adult scoliosis, or degenerative scoliosis, affects millions of adults. Additionally, many cases are gone undetected as they are often chalked up to low back pain. Adult scoliosis typically occurs when arthritis is causes degeneration of the […]

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  • Understanding Facet Joint Syndrome


    The team at Beverly Hills Spine Surgery sees patients every day related to facet joint syndrome. Facet joint syndrome is a very common cause of low back pain and neck pain, but pain associated from facet joint issues can occur anywhere in the spine. These joints help support the weight of your spine and contribute […]

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  • Alternatives to Spinal Fusion Surgery


    Spinal fusion surgery is a serious decision, and our goal is to always prevent having surgery altogether. It’s not always possible, but prevention is what we aim for. Spinal fusions are done for a wide range of conditions including scoliosis, spinal instability, fractures, tumors and more. There are a few solid alternatives to spinal fusion […]

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  • 8 Tips on How to Choose a New Mattress


    Choosing a mattress takes more thought than just how it feels to you when you get ready to sleep—it’s critical to evaluate how you feel in the morning! No, we’re not in the mattress sales business, but we care about spine health and where you sleep for a long stretch at night has a high […]

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