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  • 5 Fun Office Exercises To Heal Your Back Pain


    Many of us spend a significant chunk of our lives trapped in an office or cubicle. We’re sitting for too long. We’re hunching too far forward. We’re stressing out too often. All of these things are big contributors to back pain. We looked around for solutions and ran across five great – some of them […]

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  • Prescription Narcotics for Low Back Pain: Another Reason For Doubt


    Low back pain is epidemic in our culture. About 31 million people experience low back pain at some point in time and it’s gotten so bad that nearly everyone is looking for a solution. So when a new study came out recently about effective drugs for low back pain treatment, we jumped at the chance […]

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  • How Stress is Making Your (Neck and) Back Pain Worse


    The next time you’re stressed out, stop and notice what’s happening in your back and neck. It may feel something like this:

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  • 5 Signs You Need A Second Opinion for Your Back Pain


    If back pain has nagged you daily for years and years you may be familiar with this scenario: You walk into your primary care physician’s office and explain your decade-long problem with low back pain. You rattle off symptoms like shooting pain, muscle spasms and sleep loss. The physician scrawls down a few details and, […]

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  • 3 Easy Stretches for a Herniated Disc


    The first sign you have a herniated disc usually is a serious and painful jolt radiating down the arm or leg. Something as simple as bending down to pick up your shoe can trigger searing pain. How? When discs that cushion the bones in your spine herniate — that is, bulge or spill out of the […]

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  • Taking Frequent Breaks Will Literally Save Your Back


    One of the biggest things contributing to your back pain is sitting — a seemingly innocuous thing we all do every day. A simple solution we suggest to patients in pain is to take frequent breaks during the workday. For example:

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  • 12 Reasons Your Lower Back Hurts Right Now (And How to Fix It)


    Do you wake up most days with a dull ache in your low back? Maybe it’s a little twinge that nags you all day long? Low back pain is a menace — it affects up to 80% of us at some point in our lives. Most of the time the pain can’t be traced to […]

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  • 5 Neck Stretches You Can Do in the Office Right Now


    It’s amazing how much pain and discomfort can radiate out from the neck. It nags. It pulses. It just plain hurts. If you’re feeling pain right now you’re not alone: More than one-quarter of Americans suffer with chronic neck pain. You can blame a lot of those problems on what you’re probably doing right now: […]

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  • Hunched Over? You May Need Kyphoplasty


    When the spine transforms from a supple and relatively straight structure to one that starts to collapse on itself, correcting the problem may require a surgical procedure called kyphoplasty. Imagine your spine, when viewed in profile, as a series of C shapes: a subtle inverted C in the upper (cervical) area a C in the […]

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  • 7 Reasons To Try Acupuncture For Back Pain


    Chronic back pain is the sort of condition that’s almost impossible to ignore. One day it feels like a dull, nagging ache. The next it’s sharp — darting from one part of your back to another. Other days the pain might feel tight — like two fists are lodged in the middle of your back. What’s […]

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